coherence protocol

coherence protocol
протокол синхронизации (согласования)
например, cache-coherence protocol - протокол обеспечения согласованности содержимого различных кэшей и ОЗУ

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  • Coherence protocol — In computer science, a coherence protocol is a protocol which maintains the consistency between all the caches in a system of distributed shared memory; the protocol maintains memory coherence according to a specified consistency model.Examples… …   Wikipedia

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  • Firefly protocol — The Firefly cache coherence protocol is the schema used in the DEC Firefly multiprocessor workstation, developed by DEC Systems Research Center. This protocol uses a write through policy. States In this protocol, the following states can be… …   Wikipedia

  • MESI protocol — The MESI protocol (known also as Illinois protocol ) is a widely used cache coherency and memory coherence protocol. It is the most common protocol which supports write back cache. Its use in personal computers became widespread with the… …   Wikipedia

  • MSI protocol — The MSI protocol is a basic cache coherence protocol that is used in multiprocessor systems. As with other cache coherency protocols, the letters of the protocol name identify the possible states in which a cache line can be. So, for MSI, each… …   Wikipedia

  • Dragon protocol — The Dragon cache coherence protocol is the schema used in the Xerox Dragon multiprocessor workstation, developed by Xerox PARC. This protocol uses a write back policy. Contents 1 States 2 Transitions 3 References 4 See a …   Wikipedia

  • MOSI protocol — The MOSI protocol is an extension of the basic MSI cache coherency protocol. It adds the Owned state, which indicates that the current processor owns this block, and will service requests from other processors for the also*Coherence… …   Wikipedia

  • Cache coherence — In computing, cache coherence (also cache coherency) refers to the consistency of data stored in local caches of a shared resource. Multiple Caches of Shared Resource When clients in a system maintain caches of a common memory resource, problems… …   Wikipedia

  • Wei Yen — Dr. Wei Yen is a software developer and entrepreneur. Yen has been involved with several companies, including most recently as chairman and founder of AiLive. Dr. Yen and his brother David Yen published the paper Data Coherence Problem in a… …   Wikipedia

  • Когерентность памяти — (англ. memory coherence)  свойство компьютерных систем, в которых два или более процессора или ядра имеют доступ к общей области памяти. В однопроцессорных системах (более строго  в одноядерных) лишь один процессорный узел… …   Википедия

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